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Pawgustは2018年からスタート。以来A$3Milion(約3億円)の寄付が集まったとのことで、かなり大きなイベントとなりつつあります。Guidedog Australiaについて少し調べました。現在約45万人以上の盲目者がオーストラリアには存在し、、この人数は、高齢化社会が進むため、将来減ることはありませんので、盲導犬の需要はさらに増えるとのことです。



盲導犬に適した犬種としては圧倒的にラブラドールが多いです。それは温厚な性格と、大きさが人間と歩くのにバランスがとりやすいからとのことです。ラブラドールの子犬はとても愛らしくて、私たちの周りにもガイドドッグの子犬を12ヶ月世話をする「Puppy Raiser」と呼ばれるボランティアをしている人をよく見かけます。私も昔、あまりの可愛さに、このPuppy Raiserに興味があって問い合わせをしたことがありました。可愛いからボランティアさんには不足しないと思いました。


During August, we are going to participate in “Pawgust”, event to raise money for the Guide Dog Australia. The event name comes from “Paw” and “August”.

In Australia there are other donation event in which people participate in walking for example, “Steptember” is another big event with the aim to raise money for the people who suffer from cerebral palsy.

I researched briefly about Pawgust It started in 2018 and since then it has raised more than A$3m. There are approx. more than 450.000 vision impaired people in Australia and this number is going up in the future due to the aging society.

To raise 1 guide dog, it takes full 2 years and costs about A$50.000. The money all comes from individual donation.

I also researched about the Guide dog in Japan and found an interesting fact. In 1970 a staff of the foundation which originally established guide dogs, was sent to Australia to learn about the guide dog. After he returned to Japan, official guide dog started being trained.

In regards to the breed which suits to be trained as guide dog, majority is Labrador Retriever, for its gentle temperament. Also I heard their size is the right size for the human beings to make the good balance when walking. The puppy of Labrador retriever is so adorable! No wonder there is no shortage of the puppy raiser volunteers!

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