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Million Paws Walk

毎年5月はRSPCA The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (オーストラリア)王立動物虐待防止協会が主催するMillions Paws Walkが行われます。









Millions Paws Walkには、数万人(匹!)の参加者がいるそうなので、オーストラリア人の動物愛護の深さが見られます。



This morning we participated the RSPCA fund raising event, Million Paws Walk.

I think it is one of the biggest fundraising events organised by RSPCA.

It was 9 degrees in Melbourne, however, when registration opened at 9am, many dogs and their family were already on site, even thought the actual walk didn't start until 11am!

Event in Melbourne takes place at Albert Park Lake, which is located in our neighbourhood. It is about 5km to go around the lake.

RSPCA was established in 1871 and last year (2021) celebrated it's 150th anniversary.

Apart from the animal shelter facility, it has an important role of enforcing Animal Protection law and working with the federal government to legislate any Animal welfare law, when required.

In RSPCA located in Melbourne, approximately 30,000 animals are brought to them annually (due to various reasons such as lost family members, abandoned, injured etc).

RSPCA's funds come from donation from individuals and corporate.

It is said Million Paws Walk usually attracts more than 10,000 people (dogs!), It shows the Australian people's respect to animal welfare.

I was happy to see many dogs and their family’s smiles!

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