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2021年の締めくくりとして(Wrapping up 2021)








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Today is the last day of 2021. Since started, I posted my blog at rather a slow pace. Thank you to everyone who has read my blog.

The theme of my blog is “wishing happy life of rescued dogs ad cats in Japan.” However, after the incident in which Eve the ex wild dog escaped from my sister’s place in Japan, I got to know there are many “wild dogs” in Japan. Also my sister adopted two wild cats! Therefore, my objective now is to support all dogs & cats including wild dogs and cats!

Through social media (FB and Instagram), my sister and I connected with many people (who supports dogs&cats) and learnt so many things about rescue pets and animals in general.

We started Animal Soul Healing course, where we learnt that pets love to see their owner’s smiles the best.

Most of all, we learnt a lot through our beloved Eve the ex wild dog. In particular, I learnt there are far too many “wild” dogs residing in Japan (and it creates a big social problem). Also learnt there are so many missing dogs inn Japan. I also feel it would take a long time for Japan to catch up with the other countries where animal protection is advanced.

Recently, I enquired 迷子犬掲示板(Maigo-Dog “Missing dog board” “roughly how many dogs were posted on your instagram?” The response I received was “All missing dogs poster is saved, however, we don’t record officially how many dogs were posted. This is our kaizen item.” However, I know it is not only a couple of hundread.

I have been checking “Maigo_dog” instagram every day and I feel almost overwhelmed by the number of the missing dog’s posts! I feel so relieved when I see the posts about the dogs safely being found. On the other hand, when I see the posts about the dog being found dead, I feel so hopeless.

However, I am putting dark news aside, because I am learning there are so many people who tirelessly helping dogs and cats in Japan. My sister and I, although we cannot do a big thing, will continue to action to support these amazing people in 2022.

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