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食パン犬シロちゃん!Shiro chan, the bread loving dog!












シロちゃん捕獲直後 Shiro chan after being caught

Yesterday (15 Jan) I had a happy day with happy news😊.

Motchi san (who helped when Even sent missing) messaged me “Shiro chan has been caught!”.

In new years when I was chatting with Motich san about a dog who he caught then, he said to me “Next one is going to be Shiro chan, the bread loving dog!”. Since then I was always thinking about this wild dog.

I have seen Shiro chan, coming to grab a slice of bread and quickly ran away. He looked so nervous every time he dropped by. Since then I always thought about him when I was eating bread!🍞 ! He prefers bread to meat, what an interesting dog!

According to Motchi san, Shiro chan is not a missing dog. He has been living in a wild since birth (his grand mum and parents were also wild dogs!) However, a kind hearted family wanted to have him in their family and tried to catch him for a year with no success, so asked for Motchi san’s help. Well done again, Motchi san😄👍

I didn’t know there are still dogs living in wild in Tochigi prefecture where Shiro chan lives. i tried to look for how many wild dogs exist in Japan.

Today Motchi san returned all the way to Tochigi prefecture to look after Shiro kun & his new family with walk training. What an effort❤️.

Good luck to Shiro chan to settle in to his new life with people! It is not bad, you can have as much bread as you can!

Thank you so much to his new family for your super kindness and decision to live with ex wold dog. You will have a happy life together with Shiro chan❤️.

#野犬 #食パン犬シロちゃん #rescuedog #wilddogjapan

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