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迷子犬イブ-Eve the missing dog










Mさんのインスタからコピーです。ボラさん団体が元野犬を譲渡する場合、1。室内でも必ず係留 2。ダブル首輪とダブルリード 3。逸走防止にショルダーリード 4。脱走防止に玄関前にペットゲート を条件で譲渡すれば必ず迷子犬は減る。


Two weeks have passed since Eve, ex wild and rescue dog ran away from my sister’s house in Gifu, Japan.

To date there have been so many people on the rescue pet related FB group, who shared our post. I think it is over 1,000 shares. We cannot help but feel the power of the social media and thank them so much for their useful advice.

Many people who connected via social media happen to live nearby, and neighbours have been supporting my sister.

My sister received many calls who saw Eve. However, sadly, Eve ran off whenever she saw my sister.

This week, my sister received a phone call from a gentleman (Mr. M) from Tokyo, who has been a great help to her since then. I also checked his instagram and feel impressed with his deep knowledge regarding wild dog behaviour.

For example, he shares his suggestions of the harness. It is so important for the ex wild dogs to have appropriate harness and collar when putting double lead & collar. He warns that most of the dogs who ran off had harnesses, so basically he doesn’t recommend putting a harness.

Based on his advice, food and security cameras were set up where my sister thinks Eve would be seen. Eve was seen in the camera the next day.

He says he is happily helping her until Eve returns. We in Australia, are feeling so helpless as we cannot do anything. We feel so thankful to him.

Here is a copy from M’s instagram. When shelters are giving away ex wold dogs, if these are made sure with the new owners, the number of the missing dogs would reduce. 1. Tie them even in the house. 2. Double lead and double collar 3. Put one lead over the shoulder 4. Put pet gate in front of the house entrance to protect them from running off.

This report on missing Eve is to be continued.

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