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耳が臭い?Saki’s smelly ear?






Rufus &Coco というオーストラリアのブランドのものを購入。それを1日3回、直接耳に数適垂らして、耳の付け根をマッサージ。さきは全くやがらず、むしろ気持ちよさそうな様子。



After Saki’s diarrhea got better, we noticed Saki’s (right) ear was smelly. It looked red and a lot black coloured wax came out. She scratched the back of her ear, too.

When my family had Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Maltese Terrier, I remember flappy eared dogs tend to have ear related diseases, however, as long as I remember, they never had ear problems. (I must confess I love dog ear’s smell!!)

I think the life style difference between those dogs and Saki is that Saki swims in the sea water a lot, so it must be the reason for the smelly ear.

I did some research before we take Saki to the vet and found out that the main cause of the smelly ear is yeast. It also said this needs to be treated as it will not go away naturally, and it will only be worse if untreated. We went to the pet supply shop and chose one product randomly. There were too many types to choose from! More than 10!

Rufus &Coco is the one we chose, it was an Australian product. We applied a few drops into Saki’s ear directly three times a day, then massage the back of the ear. Saki looked quite relaxed when applied.

Luckily after 3 days Saki’s ear got much better. No more smell came from her ear. We will continue to clean her ear often.

I also found the information that apple cider vinegar and water (1 table spoon each) can be applied to clear the ear. (Of course, if the symptom doesn’t get better, you need to take your dog to the vet.)

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