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社交的でない犬When Saki meets non-social dog!












すっかり下痢は治りました!Saki got much better!

Today was the first weekend since long lasting lock down ended in Melbourne a few days ago. Victoria achieved 70% fully vaccinated population.

Cafes can hold up to 50 people. In general Melbournian love eating outside. Today’s weather was not great, but many cafes and restaurants looked busy with these people who want to catch up for breakfast or lunch.

We as usual were walking the busy street to get a morning coffee.

When we walked in front of the cafe we always do a large German Shepard appeared in front of Saki and looked like she/he was going to attach her. Then I heard Saki crying.

Saki was with my husband on lead and he stood between Saki & the other dog. Luckily the owner of the dog also came to grab her/him, so it stopped there, no serious incident.

It was only about 3 seconds that it happened. I was so scared and could move.

I am used to seeing friendly dogs in our neighbourhood, so it was quite a shocking scene. Also we would not be able to grab the other dog, as it was a big dog!

If my husband tried to grab the dog, I guess Saki would have tried to attach him/her to protect my husband, but because of the size difference, I cannot imagine Saki would win! We really learnt that it is very important to keep the dog on lead where they are expected to.

(PS:Saki’s tummy problem is all gone now!Thank you for thinking of her!)

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