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獣医さんのおやつをチェック-checking treats at vet





薬を入れるときは嫌がったものの、その後、耳を撫でられると気持ちよさそうなさき。子犬の頃から、獣医さん訪問は大好きです。だっておやつをたんまりくれるから !


帰る時もまだおやつをチェックしてる-Still checking out treats when leaving.

I posted about Saki’s ear problem earlier. It has been about 2 weeks and we thought it got better, but it was actually not!

Saki scratches her (right) ear and looks like she woke up in the middle of the night and is irritating her more.

Yesterday I noticed her ear had a kind of sour smell compared to her left ear, so I decided to take her to vet.

As soon as the vet looked into her ear, she said, “She has ear infection. I can see some discharges.” She took ear wax from Saki’s left ear to check what kind of bacteria she has. The diagnosis was ear infection due to yeast. The vet told me that it is very common with the dogs, in particular in warming up season.

The vet put cream like medicine (2ml container) into Saki’s ear. She told me Saki needs another 2m next week.

“We can do it again for you, if you think it is difficult to put it in her ear.” However, I decided my husband can handle it! (otherwise, I thought another $100 vet bill needs to pay!)

Saki didn’t like being held when putting the medicine in her ear, however, she looked very relaxed when she was rubbed her ear. Since puppy, she loves visiting this vet as she gets lots of treats!

She seemed to have slept through lat night wihout being irritated by itchiness. According to the vet, once dogs have the infection, ,it is not going away without being treated. I felt so sorry for Saki, because the vet also said it can give dogs quite discomfort. Sorry, Saki chan, I will be more careful from next time!

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