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Dog Trainer Asaka san 朝香さん









I was going to continue to write about Saki the border collie, however, today I attended a special event via online.

Dog training (online) session by Asaka san was organised by Mari Ueda san, who is a picture book writer and animal soul communicator.

I was looking forward to it as I know Asaka san is such experienced and popular dog trainer. During his professional career life as a dog trainer, he trained approx. 2,000 dogs. His dog training school is one of the most popular schools in Osaka area.

2 hours session included “Dog’s history” and “What does dog training mean?”.

When we hear the word “dog training”, I think many people (even those who own a dog) have an image that t is for the people to force their dog to do something for them, or make the dog to listen to them. I feel it was more so in the past.

I agree with Asaka san’s theory that dog training is to make a good habit for the dogs and to realise this, people need to change, because dogs learn things from people. It is important that human/dog owners show their dogs a good habit-dogs observe their owners and copy them. This takes slow and long processes.

We also learnt how to use the treat when using for the training. It was an eye opening experience!

To us, Saki is a well trained dog, but I would remember what I learnt today. I really recommend all future dog owners to know what Asaka san teaches.

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