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愛犬が逸走したらできること(When your beloved dog goes missing.)











ひとつ、その時に知った、そして知っておくとよかったと思うのが、「迷子犬掲示板」maigo_dogというNPO団体さんです。インスタ、 Facebookに何万人ものフォロワーさんがいらっしゃって、「全国版」に知らせるとその地方版の掲示板に拡散されます。以下、ご参考ください。



2021 is almost over. This year, inparticular with the incident of our beloved Eve -the ex wild dog went missing from my sister’s house in Japan, there are many learnings. We were all impressed and overwhelmed by the people who we didn’t know, but provided great love to Eve & us.

I have noticed in December, there are more and more dogs posted on Instagram as “missing”. Not sure if this is just me who feels this way.

The super guy called Motch san, who caught Eve also said there are more missing dogs than other momths. The possible reason is due to the people feeling busy and are not paying attention to their dog.

Even though the dog owner is careful, dog decides to run off and this unfortunately happens. I am sharing our experience of what can be done when your dog goes missing.

Firstly, make & print posters to distribute as many neghbours as possible. My sister asked the printing company as she printed almost 1,000 posters.

Secondly, report to your local rescue animal centre (or council-either is fine as they are related.) We also contacted local vet, post office, super markets, convenience shops.

As our house is located in countrytown, some vets told us they wanted us to bring the printed poster (not via email).

There were many neghbours who reported they sighted Eve, however, at the same time, this the first time we realised how powerful the social madia is. As soon as we posted on Instagram and Facebook, many people shared the news and we received a message from some people who say “they live nearby, so they want to help.”, or my dog is from the same rescue center.” We received many tips on what to do. This really helped us staying calm and encouraged.

One thing we thought was very helpful was the social madia (instagram ) called “Maigo_ken”, which is an NPO group who has many followers. Once a missing dog is reporte to them, they post on their instagram or FB page. If you use the hashtag Maigo_Dog on your instagram they also picks it and share the missing dog info to their followers.

It is getting colder and colder day by day in Japan. I cannot wish enough all missing dogs in Japan will be saved and reunited to their family as soon as possible by the end of this year.

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