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Annual event, “Be kind to animals week” is scheduled from 20 -26 September in Japan. It was one of the events that I rarely remember being involved, as all I remember is the poster which was displayed at primary school.

The event is organised by Japanese Ministry of the environment. I have checked what kind of events are organised. Apart from the main event, such as Animal protection promotional poster competition, each prefecture is responsible to organise their own events.

As a main event organised by the ministry, online symposium is scheduled on 25 Sept, which I can participate!

In this symposium, there will be some panel discussions by mainly academics with topics such as “Pets in the future”, “Relationships with pets”.

This year, there were several big news in relation to pets, for example, update in animal protection law, or just recently, the Japanese government (Ministry of the environment) and Amazon Japan announced their partnership with support to give/receipt of rescue dogs & cats. I am interested in what kind discussions it will be.

According to Wikipedia, the Be kind of animals week started in the US with the purpose of strengthening ties between animals and human in 1915. As a main event, with sponsorship with Universal Studio, the children who showed their passion of loving animals, will be awarded…a big animal loving country!

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