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それまで、保護センター、愛知県のアンマルレスキューMiki Japanさんに引き出されて以来、ライブでずっとイブの様子をみていました。








June marks the 1st year since my sister met Eve face to face. Until then she was watching Eve on the instagram live at rescue centre (located in Aichi prefecture). Eve was named during the live. She had two puppies when she was taken to the rescue centre. She looked so calm compared to her puppies.

Since then there are so many things from Eve, but she is so lovely, it is more so because she is so pure- because she is showing her characteristics of ex wild dog.

At the same time it on the 4th June (1 day after) that my sister found a dying kitten. She was at a loss of what to do. However, thanks to the advice of the people she met on SNS, the kitten's life was saved. My sister named him "Lucky".

1 year after, Lucky grew up to be a big brother of another kitten, a girl who was strayed in front of my sister's house again.

To celebrate the 1st year of the important month, we have decided to launch our official Line Account for the picture book project.

It is 80 days before our book is launched. A series of events are planned to those who have added us as friend. I believe those events would make fur family members and their owners happy. I wish to see many friends on our official Line.

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