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保護犬 イブちゃん Eve-The Rescue Dog







Eve- The rescue dog

On 27 June, a rainy & muggy day, Mimi (my sister) welcomed a rescue dog named Eve. This is only two weeks after a near dead stray kitten joined her life.

Eve was rescued and named by a local animal rescue centre from a public park in Yamaguchi prefecture. Apparently, around 2,000 strayed dogs always reside in that park. She was pregnant when she came to Ms. Kitamura’s shelter and soon after that had two puppies. Ms. Kitamura’s team looked after her for a few months. After Mimi’s gradual recovery from her pet loss, she was now ready and interested in rescue dogs. When Mimi contacted Ms. Kitamura at the shelter, she was attracted to Eve and encouraged to take her.

Eve was brought up in the wild. Both Mimi and I viewed her when Ms.Kitamura showed her on her live Instagram. She was “popular” dog for its calm personality. Her eyes were clear, but looking sad. Usually more than two hundred of people joined the live event and all their comments wished her happy life. After giving birth, all the times the staff tried to take her for a walk, she resisted. I’ve never known any dogs who don’t enjoy walking. I was very surprised to see the difference between pet dogs and wild dogs.

After arriving at Mimi’s house, she had no interest in coming out from her carrier case. It took her 5 days to do her first wee and poo, and again no interest in walking. She never ate in front of Mimi.

Mimi is worried about Eve, and if it was the right decision to keep her? She may have been happier in the wild? However, Eve’s eyes look more gentle compared to when she arrived at Mimi’s house. It now looks like she is warming to her new environment.

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