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保護犬イブー24日目Day 24 with Eve



6月24日にNPOアニマルシェルターMiki Japanから妹が迎え入れて以来、妹とイブちゃんの様子を毎日聴いています。









大きなうんちした後で気持ちいいね! Eve after her big poo

I have been following my sister Mimi and her rescue dog Eve, since she welcomed her on the 24 June from the animal shelter.

There are many things that surprised us. Firstly, Eve didn’t do her first wee or poo for a week. Eve never eats when Mimi is around her. According to the shelter staff, it is quite normal, Mimi says.

Further more, Eve never shows her interest in going for a walk. Mimi felt relieved when Eve left her carrier case after 2 days.

Last weekend (Day 14), Eve chewed the door in a house, trying to escape! Mimi, feeling at a loss, was driving to return Eve to the shelter where she came from. However, after she spoke with Ms. Kitamura, founder of the shelter, she calmed down. Ms. Kitamura’s advice was it is important to tie Eve with chain all the time to avoid her escape. We feel it is sad doing this, but understand escaping is a typical habit of wild dogs.

This morning, after 14 days without a poo, she did the great second one! Also she held her wee for 12 days. Mimi was very worried about her but sounds very happy now. (The photo was after Eve did a big poo! She looks happier!)

Interestingly she covered her poo too. We learnt wild dogs usually avoid to leave their body smell where they sleep to protect from being attacked.

After the near escape incident, Mimi lost confident and was quite stressed and worried, feeling “It may have been better I didn’t take Eve.” I was relieved to see her a little happier today.

I am going to share how Eve and Lucky (a wild kitten) are doing with Mimi in this blog. You check out how they are doing, and support Mimi by checking her instagram Mychatomomo.

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