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メルボルン市(City of Melbourne)はメルボルン中心街のエリアの名前で人口50万人、ちなみに私が住むCity of Port Phillipという地域の人口は約12万です。




Dogs of MelbourneというFBグループページの管理者であるPottsさんは「オフリードパークは、犬にとってだけでなく、飼い主や犬のガーディアン(面倒を見てる人)にとってもベネフィットがあります。しかもドッグパークがあることで環境もよくなり、犯罪も少なくなる。」またメルボルン市長のサリーさんも、「住民からのオフリードパークへのサポートは圧倒的で、犬が運動できて、飼い主同士の社交の場としてだけでなく、治安が良くなった、という報告もあります。」


I often post photos of her playing in off leash park on social media. Many (Japanese) people comment that they are really jealous and that dogs in Australia are so lucky to have such place where they can run freely!

This morning I read a news article that City of Melbourne could have 8 further off leash dog park soon!

Due to COVID, City of Melbourne 's dog population increased for the last two years- 3948 two years ago and 4750 in 2022. One (bordercollie) owner and resident said "It’s just inappropriate, it’s too small, it’s really the meeting place for all the neighbours ... you can’t have picnics or things with dogs all over the place."

Also, Brett Potts, who runs the Dogs of Melbourne CBD Facebook page, said off-leash parks were good for dogs, their guardians and the whole community.

Lord Mayor Sally Capp said the council had received “overwhelming support” for new dog parks through two rounds of community engagement.

“We see a need to up the ante when it comes to designated spaces for pooches large and small to run free – to exercise and socialise with their friends,” she said.

One thing I have noticed about dog's environment is that in Japan, unlike Melbourne, I have't heard of council managed dog park. I know there are a lot of unused space in Gifu where Eve & my sister reside. I wish one day soon the council will turn them into a dog park so that many dogs and owners are happier!



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