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ボーダーコリーさき②Saki the Border Collie







As generally said, there are 3 characteristics of Border collie-they are smart, agile and royal to the owners.

SmartーDavid, my husband, used to volunteer as a dog trainer as a teenager (since 16 years old). He has had about 7 dogs in his life. The very last one, called Angus, Border Collie & Irish wolf hand mix, came to him as an adult dog. He was quite aggressive first time, and it took David a long time to train him. When I met Angus first time he was already a very gentle & smart dog.

Toilet training would be one of the big topic for everyone when welcoming a dog to home. We live in an apartment. We placed a small size real lawn for Saki’s toilet. She had a few accidents, but she quickly learnt to use the lawn for her toilet (took about two months to learn). After a while- around two months passed, she stopped using it, and only did toilet outside when she is taken out for a walk three times a day.

Regarding basic command, “Hand”, “Sit” and “Drop”, David started training her when she was around 3 months old. With some treats, she quickly learnt. She is training to wait after she is told to “sit” before she eats. Quite often we forget to say “Dozo” , =”please” in Japanese, so she keeps waiting for a while! (so sorry, Saki chan!)

FYI, please see here to access to the movie which shows one point command lesson by David. (To be continued.)

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