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ボーダーコリーさき③Saki the Border Collie








I mentioned “smartness” for the 1st characteristics for the Border Collie in my previous blog, 2nd one is it’s “friendliness”.

Saki’s friendliness hasn’t changed since she was puppy. (Although recently, we notice she likes human better than dogs!) When we first took her out for a walk, she used to greet every single dog & person!

Her lovely face (as most of the puppy dogs!) plus her friendly expression melted everyone’s hart!

Our 14 years old son often gives her some rough play and some mischievous thing, but Saki is very patient and she even shows her respect to him! For example, she waits forever when she is told to wait when my son puts her food in a bowl. How sweet of her!

My son, who is a teenager, often shows his frustration, then he comes to Saki to give her a cuddle and kisses.

We love ❤️ seeing this. For Saki, it must be quite frustrating as my son comes to cuddle her while she is at sleep, but she never gets angry. She has such warm hart. Thank you so much, Saki for your love to us 💕 .

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