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ボーダーコリーさき③-Saki the Border Collie









Im my previous blog I introduced the first characteristic of Border Collie-they are smart. After that I remembered one thing.

A few years ago my work colleague and I were talking about dogs. She said to me, “my dog (border collie named Katie knows a lot of words.”. She showed me the video which surprised me a lot!

In the video, there were about 10 objects, such as shoe, bag, cloths etc. When my colleague said “shoe” to Katie, she went to fetch it without making any mistakes!

I have read new article which introduces about the Border Collie who identifies more than 100 words. Border Collie’s smartness is proven!

How many words does our Saki know? Not bad..she loves the words “ball” or “park” -she responds so well to these! However, she recently she learnt the word “shower”.

We noticed she doesn’t like being washed, but I don’t think she knew the word “shower”. Yesterday Saki had a swim in the sea first time after the winter was over.

She showed nervousness when she heard the water running to fill the bath tub.

That night, my husband teased her saying “would you like shower again”? Then she quickly ran to me to ask for my help! We all agreed Saki learnt a new word!

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