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昨日の、アニマルレスキューMiki Japan の北村さんによる投稿。「繁殖リタイア犬二匹を保護、獣医さんでの健康診断など、様々な処置の後、迷子犬保護のため3日間待機の現場へ向かう。そこでは毎日6時間待機している。帰宅するのは深夜過ぎ。しかも日本の容赦ない夏の気温と蚊の大群に襲われながらという過酷な状況の中、「でも一刻も早く保護してあげたい。」という北村さんとスタッフの方には本当に頭が上がりません。






Yesterday I came across with the post by Ms.Kitamura at Animal Rescue Miki Japan, “During the day we rescued two retired dogs who use be used as breeding mums. After many hours at the Vet for health checks, we went on the hunt trying to catch for a 3rd day, an escaped dog from a foster family. We spent 6 hours until mid night when we decided to come home.” I’m amazed at their commitment doing this in a hot environment with lots of mosquitoes. However, she commented “Our only wish is to rescue the dog safely.” I cannot thank them enough for their devotion towards the animal rescue.

I wondered how many dogs and cats are killed in Japan. Based on the data in Government Reports, in 2009 a total number of dogs &cats killed is 229,832, and it was 32,743 (5,635 dogs and 27,108 cats) in 2019.

In June this year, a law was intended to be introduced, for breeders and pet shop owners to have a breeding restrictions. This would limit the age of the dogs/cats who have puppies/kittens, how many times they are allowed to breed, size of cage etc. However, due to some resistance raised by the current pet shop owners or breeders, the law is not going to be introduced at least until 2024. Also disappointedly, the “actual number” has not been decided.

On the other hand, what about the situation in overseas? The most outstanding country is Germany where no lost nor abandoned animal is killed. This is due to the strong support by Tier Heim, a privately owned animal protection group. Approx, 500 of them are located all over the country to protect and train animals.

I kept looking for more info to find why Japan cannot achieve what Germany has. Then I found out that Kanagawa ken Prefectural Animal Welfare Centre achieved no dog/cat killings in 2013. How did they achieve this? The tips is as you can imagine to educate the citizens on how to train the pets and promote the love to the animal.

By combining law enforcement and providing the education to pet owners, I believe Japan can achieve the society where all pet dogs & cats are nurtured and cared for by families.


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