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ドッグラン Off lead Park




最近、うちからたったの4キロ程の場所にとても素敵なオフリーシュパークCruikshank Parkを見つけました (写真)。パークやビーチによっては、オフリーシュが許される時間や季節(ビーチは夏季中は早朝や夜のみなど)が決まっています。ですから、わざわざ「ドッグラン」を作る必要はありません。



“Dog run”

Melbourne has gone in to its 3rd day of the short circuit lock down. This is our 5th lockdown! Dogs are happier because many owners are forced to work from home. Saki (our dog) joined us during the dock down last year, she is used to the house where we are always with her.

During lockdown, we are permitted to travel within 5km from our house. Thankfully we have many off- lead parks and even beaches in that range. We can spend up to 2 hours a day for exercise. There is no need for “dog run” in Australia. Recently we are luckily to find this lovely off lead park called Cruikshank Park, with a loverly creek running down the centre (photo). Depending on the park/beach, there are restricted times/seasons when off leash is permitted.

However, in Japan, the concept of off leash park is limited to “dog runs”. In many cases, these are different to the ones in Australia. Majority of them have a bland industrial feel. My hometown (Gifu) is located in the country and there are so much more nature. However, I don’t know any good looking parks to walk, for dogs to socialise and to play.

I always feel sorry for dogs in Japan as it is near impossible for dogs to run around, leaving them bored and creating more anxiety for the owners. The pets, and owners, would be happier with less stress and greater relationships. I wonder how the councils would respond to the idea of more nice play areas, to reduce abandoned dogs?

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