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セラピードッグを知っていますか?(Do you know therapy dog?)






そんなある日、Royal Melbourne Show(オーストラリアの農産物の毎年開催される展覧会)で「セラピードッグ」の素質を認められたのでした。

Ralf & Caroline(ラルフと里親のキャロラインさん)


A few years ago I read a book titled “Ralf”, it is based on the true story of Ralf, the therapy dog.

It is now well known that dogs (pet) can heal the human mentally.

In Melbourne, Australia, a Giant Schunauser, named Ralf joined the family of a couple with 4 children, who had a very kind hart.

Ralf was rather a problematic dog with constant barking, however, he gradually became a loving dog surrounded by a kind harted people, especially he was loved by school children.

One day, Ralf’s talent as a therapy dog was found at the Royal Melbouren Show. Since then he & Caroline (foster mother) visited Royal Children Hospital for 5 years during this period Ralf heeled and encouraged many sick children.

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