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イブちゃん絵本のヒロインに!Eve will be a heroin in a picture book








野犬については、もちろん暗い背景があります。野犬が日本中からいなくなるのが私たちが理想とする社会です。絵本では野犬たちの明るい未来のために、少しでも貢献することが出来たら、と願う気持ちでいっぱいです 💗






Following the great news on Shiro chan’s being safely saved last week, I would like to share another exciting news😊 that happened to us last week.

My sister, Mimi, (who is a foster parent of Eve, the ex feral dog, is going to publish her first picture book!

My sister, who loves painting, always wanted to publish picture book herself one day. In the past she tried, but her dream wasn’t realised.

Thanks to Mari Ueda, whom we call our mentor, and animal communicater &picture book author, this “dream” is going to come true. Mari has been working more tirelessly to support rescue dogs & cats recently. One of the works she is involved is to help people who wish to publish picture books after her first picture book “The reason I was born (Boku ga Umarete Kitanowa ne” was successfully launched and a second book is on its way.

The purpose of Mimi’s book is about feral dogs in Japan-they could be as lovely as other kinds of dogs (pure bred dogs)! In Japan pure bred types are still better considered.

Since Mimi became a foster parent of Eve, she learnt many things about feral dogs through the series of events of Eve’s running away, return and walking training.

Talking about feral dogs in Japan, in many cases, they are considered nuisance and treated badly, however, the focus in the book is their bright future as many people in Japan wish their happy life.

I am so glad as I can also contribute to the book by adding English in the book! How exciting😊.

We will continue to share the progress of the project. You can see them in the following instagram & FB.

Mari’s instagram-こちら

Mimi&my instagram (some posts have English) こちら

Mimi’s FB-こちら

Note: I used to translate the word “Yaken” as “wild dog” previously, however, I learnt it is not a correct translation. It should be translated as “feral dogs” because in Japan “Yaken” means the dogs who used to be owned by human as home dogs are abandoned and turned into feral.

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