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イブちゃんが教えてくれたこと(What Eve taught us)







Motch san, a strong advocate for dogs going missing.

Must have double collar and lead.

One of the leads must be attached to waist.

One lead is ket loose.

Harness is not recommended unless the dogs are well trained for their walk.

Dogs must be kept in the cage (same place where they feel comfortable) until they get use to the new environment.


A week passed sine Eve, the ex wild dog returned to my sister.

Yesterday she visited the vet and she is in good health apart from some skin rush caused by wearing harness for a long time.

Eve taught us valuable lesson for all of us😊. Refer to copies of my sister’s instagram post.

In addition to Motchi san, whose love to dogs is super strong, we feel blessed with being connected with so many people who have he super kind hart for the rescue dogs, cats and wild dogs😊❤️.

We wish current missing dogs in Japan will return to the owners/be captured safely by the end of this year.

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