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アニマルソールヒーリング(12月の学び①)Animal Soul Healing (December)












Since last month, my sister & I started Animal Soul Healing course, which is taught by Mari Ueda. The agenda for December is about “pet food”.

Firstly, there is clear difference between what cat & dog needs in terms of nutrition. Cats are 100% canovore carnvore and dogs are amonivore.

Homemade food is the best?

Recently we hear many pet owners provide home made food to their pets. Of course we think it is the best to avoid food additives. Commercially available dry/wet food contain food additives, however, the nutrition that pets require are added. It is quite possible the pets cannot get all nutrition they need only from the home made food.

Do pets need vegetables?

As many people feel, I also thought pets need vegetables! However, for dogs& cats, their body is difficult to digest vegetables, so it is very important to cut the vegetables into small pieces when giving to dogs and cats.

Usually the dog/food that are easily purchased at the super market, are not at high quality. The most imporant thing is to think about “balance”, and not think dog & cat’s nutrition same as the human.

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