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Feeling nice & cool on the cool mat 冷却シートで気持ちいい?

Today’s learning was about dog & cat’s behaviour and what they are thinking.

Firstly, we all know that what dogs and cats like to do or dislike to do are different.

Dogs originally live as a pack, so they dislike being alone. Also we learnt they tend to feel stressed when they have issues with their family (members- including their human family!) Dogs often suffer from diarrhoea, when they have family issues!

It is known that cats are sensitive to change of their environment. This is why it is taking a long time for my sister’s cat to start eating cat food. This (my sister’s) cat used to eat cooked beef as a kitten because she used to be a stray cat and used to come to my sister’s place, as that time my sister’s dog ran away and my sister used to use cooked beef to catch the dog (ex-wild dog, Eve!) . The tip for the cat to get used to the cat food is to mix it gradually with the beef!

When pets are constantly under the condition where they have to put up with what they dislike, of course they fee stressed! (just like we human does!)

We can see if the pets are feeling stressed- for example, they start breaking items in the house etc, just like we become unsettled etc!

Pets send you signals what they are thinking/how they are feeling, for example, the most well known signal of dogs when they are happy is wagging their tails! but there are so many other behaviours to show their emotion.

If you are not sure whether or not the environment is good for your pet, you can find the answer by checking again what kind of things dogs/cats like to do and dislike to do👍

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