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アニマルコミュニケーション②animal communication 2








Animal communicator 2

Another lovely person, who I connected via clubhouse, is Mari Ueda 上田真理さん。She has been a moderator of the house, named “Woof/Meow consultation room” from 8pm (Japan time) every Saturday.

In that house the participants who have any concerns or anything they would like to consult with about their pet(s), show their pet’s photo. Mari then communicates with them and passes on their message (what they are thinking / they were thinking (in case the pets already died) to the pet owner.

One day, a lady consulted with Mari, “my old dog has been in a wheelchair for a long time, but she never seems unhappy, rather I am worried about her if she is okay.” Mari, after spoke with her dog, advised her, “your dog told me she is very happy. I am worried about my mum (her owner) , because she looks worried.” She (the dog owner) was crying for a while after this, maybe because she felt relieved. All participants are attracted to Mari’s gentle, polite and precise advice.

On 25 June Mari’s picture book “The reason I was born.” was published via Amazon「ぼくが生まれてきたのはね」. Mari sends her message to whom are mentally suffering from pet loss. The book contains very simple illustrations and words, but it leaves strong aftertaste. I couldn’t stop crying but can still smile while reading, such a lovely book.

When Mimi (my sister) happened to find a near dead stray kitten in front of her house, she felt at a loss and asked Mari her advice. Mari kindly advised her on what to do. We feel so thankful for her kindness.

Mari herself a cat lover. She also recently established “Hogokko (Rescue animals) club” which aims to promote support to the rescue animals. We are very keen to be involved and help. We wish a day will come when there will be zero abandoned animals by eliminating all concerns and helping worried pet owners.

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