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アニマルコミュニケーション①animal communication-1






この時代、「SDG=Sustainable Development Goal (持続可能な開発目標)」が大小問わず、世界中の多くの企業で、競って目標として掲げられています。自然、動物を大切にする、というシンプルなことを実行することで達成できると思いますが、目標到達には時間がかかるのかな。いつかのクラブハウスで、真由美さんがおっしゃっていましたが、アメリカではアニマルコミュニケーター、という職業が確立されているそうです。日本ではまだ新しい、アニマルコミュニケーター。もっと広まって欲しいです。


Animal Communication -1

In May I met with my friend whom I hadn’t caught up for a long time and talked about my passion with the rescue dogs. She recommended I joined the “Clubhouse” and she invited me to join. I had heard of Clubhouse, but usually I am not attracted by this kind of “trendy” things. However, I decided to check it out, because my friend kindly invited me.

After I visited to several Houses such as ” Pet lovers room” or ” Animal lovers club” etc, I was luckily connected to two lovely people.

The first person is Animal Communicator, Mayumi san真由美さん。Since she first experienced communicating with nature in Africa, Mayumi has been sending her message what animals and nature is telling and that human beings can have happy life by learning the method on communicating with them.

Mayumi kindly offered Mimi & I a trial session of her animal communication course. We learnt about how animal/nature sends their message via telepathy (touch, smell, sound etc), and how we can catch those. Mayumi’s session also made us realise that human beings cannot live without co exist with nature.

Today, SDG=Sustainable Development Goal is becoming the big “goal” for many companies, large and small globally. I think this goal can be achieved by doing simple thing- showing respect to nature and animals, however, it is expected to take longer. According to Mayumi, Animal communicator is an established job in the USA. I hope in the future, this will be expanded more in Japan.

#アニマルコミュニケーション #保護犬

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