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なぜ、もものうち? what is momonouchi?



幼少の頃からペットの犬がいつもいました。オーストラリアに来てからも、夫は2匹の犬を飼い(二匹とも保護犬)、その二匹が亡くなりその後はブランクはありましたが、コロナが始まって、メルボルンのロックダウンが始まると、ボーダーコリー(メス 2020年4月生まれ)と嬉しい縁がありました。




My name is Kimie (=Kimi) . I live in Melbourne, Australia, and working with my sister Mimi who lives in Gifu, Japan. I am proactively increasing awareness, in Japanese society, of the plight of Pets. We want all animals and human beings have a happy life together. We aim to stop animal dumping and thus prevent the needless destruction of pet animals.

Since our childhood, dogs & cats have been with us through our lives. Also since living in Australia, Ive been loving my husband’s two (rescue) dogs. After they died, there was a time we had no pets, but recently during the COVID 19, a gorgeous chocolate coloured border collie (born in April 2020) joined our lives. She has been such a joy in our family.

On the other hand my sister in Japan, suffered from severe pet loss after her pet (Shiba) dog died. Recently, on 4 June, she found a near dead cat in front of her house, she nurtured and welcomed him in her life. Following this, on 27 June, she adopted a rescue dog (mixed breed approx 2 years old) named Eve.

Both Mimi and I are finding it important to support rescue dogs & cats because there are so many of them being killed in Japan today. Through “Momonouchi” we aim to help educate the Japanese society so that all pets and pet owners have a happy life together. Our objective is for no unwanted pets to be dumped and killed.

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